Our Testimonials

We are delighted with the impact of yoga on child and staff wellbeing…the benefits of yoga for children are huge from enabling enhanced self-awareness to the ability to find calm and to self-regulate.

Lynne Weir


The explanation of the science behind it helped me understand and fully appreciate the benefits…given me new techniques to try and reminded me of the importance of what I was already doing…the calming effect the session had on me proved the effectiveness of this approach.


Wellbeing Lead

I have a greater awareness of the challenges I face and the need for self-care, as well as ways to resolve them myself without bottling things up.


Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)

I’ve realised the need to be compassionate to myself – that in stressful situations it’s OK to pause and breathe.


Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)

I’ve started to use the stretches and breathing exercises with my class when I notice they are unsettled, for example after lunch, and found that this helped settle them (and me!)


East Sussex NQT

An uplifting and positive place to listen and share with each other…


East Sussex NQT

Thank you for your contribution to the Eastbourne Community Network event. it was hugely appreciated and provided a timely break and refocus.


Community Development Officer, 3VA

I really enjoyed learning about how the brain functions, how the breath works and feeling how this lowers my stress levels.


Senior Carer

It stopped me thinking about what had happened in playtime and meant I could focus on the lesson.


(11 years)

The sessions gave my son a window of calm during the school day to relax and focus on his own wellbeing…taught him valuable skills to manage anxiety in the future”



It (the programme) was a huge success – there is a noticeable difference in the class focus after using some of  breathing techniques and I have found this particularly effective as a way to calm children down after break times. Leading up to SATs I think it was exactly what they needed and the more anxious children in the class particularly benefitted.

Erin Barrett

Teacher, Yr 6

Lots of fun ideas that will really appeal to children…clear demos, enabling me to be able to give it a go straightaway

Alex Porter

Teacher, Yr 2

The children love choosing what breathing exercises we should do to calm down after playtime – the effects are immediate!

Lara Bradley

Teacher, Yr 1

Nicole brings skill and understanding into the functioning of the WHOLE body…a very valuable hour in the week for restoring body, mind and spirit

Greyson Miller

Resident Assisted Living Centre

 The residents ALL really enjoy your sessions, including me! Even some of our less social residents always join in. The group are always happy and relaxed after the class


Headteacher, Care Home Activity Co-ordinator

So struck by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail of your MOJO kids camp – everything was done so beautifully and with such depth, yet so gentle and light… belissima!

Keegan Rogers

Parent of two


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