Who we are

Drawn to this field by her love of simple life enhancing practices that work, Nicole has over 20 years of experience of working with individuals and facilitating groups in all areas of personal development and wellness. She currently teaches yoga and mindfulness to all ages in Eastbourne including in retirement homes and to children and teachers in schools. She is co-chair of a wellbeing school, West Rise Infant school. She is also a tutor for the “Yoga and the Mind” module on the Apanaveda yoga teacher training course. She holds psychology (BA Honours in Psychology), holistic counselling (Postgrad Dip Counselling), and yoga teacher qualifications.

Nicole Hartley

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Maria has been involved in the world of personal development and wellbeing for over twenty years. She is an experienced trainer/teacher. She is passionate about wellbeing and the joy of building your resilience because of the many benefits they bring. Maria has used many of the methods and techniques within the programme to regain her own health and wellbeing, reshaping her life on her journey recovering from cancer. Maria draws on her diverse background and experience to provide well rounded programmes to bring about a greater sense of balance in our lives. Maria runs workshops and retreats across Sussex along with her role as Module Coordinator/Senior Lecturer for the Professional Resilience module at the University of Chichester. She holds qualifications in Accounting and Business Management, yoga, yoga therapy and has studied Psychology (Bsc Honours) over the last four years. For Maria, learning never stops

Maria O’Donnell

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How Wellbody, Wellmind, Wellbeing was born….

After 20 years of friendship and sharing our love of learning, practicing and sharing well being techniques, Nicole and Maria have teamed up to create the Wellbody Wellmind Wellbeing charity. Our trustees are drawn from a wide variety of sectors including the third sector, business and education.

With a combined 4 decades of experience in this area, we are passionate about sharing powerful tools for mind and body wellness. We have developed a core intervention model which is backed up by neuroscience and cutting edge evidence based research. The model includes learning about how our brains work, self reflection, experiencing the wide range of tools and techniques, finding which ones work for us and, crucially, actually making them to healthy life long habits. In this way, we are able to build resilience in dealing with the stress and challenges inherent in life, learn how to heal ourselves and love our lives.


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