Our Services and Research

1. Advancement of Education.

We support elementary and primary education by working with schools to design and deliver wellbeing programmes for the teachers and children. This includes courses for NQTs (newly qualified teachers), yoga classes for teachers, groups of children and one to one sessions for children with additional needs, yoga and art holiday camps for children, and breathing and relaxation programmes for SATs and managing transitions.

In secondary/higher education, we design, manage and deliver wellbeing programmes in collaboration with and at the request of higher education establishments. This includes yoga sessions at the University of Chichester for undergraduate students. As module coordinator for the Professional Resilience module at the University of Chichester, Maria also teaches sessions on reflective writing, mindfulness and sessions drawn/enriched from CBT and positive psychology fields.

We design and deliver training in wellbeing for adults, including yoga sessions, retreats, workshops and meditation programmes for adults, and self-care workshops for carers.

In partnership with training bodies, and as standalone workshops, we ‘train the trainers’, offering vocational training in wellbeing, such as running Yoga in the Classroom INSET workshops for infant and primary schools, and Nicole runs the “Psychology and Meditation” weekend module on a Yoga Teacher Training Course www.apanaveda.co.uk

Academic research is developed and delivered in partnership with higher education establishments. Maria has been involved in research at the University of Chichester on the impact of the Professional Resilience module. One particular positive finding from this research showed that the resilience programme has been successful in enhancing students overall wellbeing. Research is on-going at the university. Nicole is also actively involved with West Rise Infant School, a Wellbeing First and Research Community.

2. Relief of those in need.

Our services provide relief to those in need, by reason of health concerns and age, including therapeutic yoga and chair wellbeing sessions on one to one and group basis, via zoom and through written programmes and recorded videos for those with loss of mobility either through age or health concerns in Carehomes, Hospices and Adult Special Needs Centres.

3. Prevention or relief of poverty.

Our services provide relief to those in need, by reason of financial problems. Working from the research evidence base, we design and deliver workshops that address the personal wellbeing and social issues that contribute to financial problems, both as preventative and ameliorative support.



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