Well body Well mind Well being

We are experienced, qualified trainers providing experiential wellbeing programmes, workshops and online systems to a wide variety of sectors, including education and healthcare. 

Aimed at those dealing with inherent stresses within their employment or in their personal circumstances, our programmes are specifically structured to enable participants to create healthy lifelong habits which bring significant health and wellbeing benefits to themselves and to their organisations.

We are converting to a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in order to cultivate sustainable improvements in health and wellbeing for those who would otherwise be unable to access this form of support.

Well body Well mind Well being

Operating across Sussex, we provide tailored wellbeing training and workshops to a wide variety of sectors including education and healthcare, bringing significant health and wellbeing benefits to each individual participant/employee.

This is a program is essential for everyone dealing with the challenges of life today.

Our training is aimed at those who are at risk of burn-out and stress or who are currently suffering from these issues as a result of inherent stresses within their employment or through personal circumstances.

Our training consists of experiential training courses/workshops/online systems, and are specifically structured to create healthy lifelong habits for participants.

Organisations supporting individuals with challenges will see a reduce call on support services such as medical services as individuals grow their ability to manage and cope with uncertainty and stress and grow in resilience.

We are in the process of converting to a CIO Charitable Incorporated Organisation in order to cultivate health and resilience in those with mental and physical health problems, who would otherwise be unable to access this form of support.


Our unique core model is supported by current research in psychology and neuroscience and has 5 elements to the training:


Mind and Positive Psychology

Bodywork and nutrition

Relaxation and visualisation

Reflective journaling / contemplative practice

Wellbeing and Resilience Programme

Our programme consists of 6 sessions, online support and discussion forum, and is underpinned by a co-mentoring system. The aims of the programme are to build the participants’ sense of empowerment and resilience in dealing with their work and life challenges, to build healthy habits, and to enable the participants to become their own healing agent. The programmes are tailored to meet the needs of the particular group we are working with, so that the outcomes contribute to their specific wellbeing goals.

Our programmes deliver:

  • experience of evidence-based techniques using our unique model.
  • information about the psychology and neuroscientific evidence underpinning these techniques.
  • opportunities for people to put what they have learned into action between sessions and reflect on their experiences together.
  • develop lasting healthy habits in both mind and body.

The first Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) Continuing Professional Development Wellbeing and Resilience Programmes in East Sussex ran from November 2018 to February 2019.
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I’ve realised the need to be compassionate to myself – that in stressful situations it’s OK to pause and breathe.

Ruth, Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) East Sussex

I’ve started to use the stretches and breathing exercises with my class when I notice they are unsettled, for example after lunch, and found that this helped settle them (and me!)

Paul, East Sussex NQT

I have a greater awareness of the challenges I face and the need for self-care, as well as ways to resolve them myself without bottling things up.

Lauren, East Sussex NQT

An uplifting and positive place to listen and share with each other…

Charlotte, East Sussex NQT

Workshops/Talks/Inset days

We run workshops and give talks which provide opportunities to hear about our programmes, and to try out some of the key evidence-based techniques from our model. The workshops, talks and inset days or half days are tailored to that particular organisations needs.

Thank you for your contribution to the Eastbourne Community Network event. it was hugely appreciated and provided a timely break and refocus.

Laura, Community Development Officer, 3VA

I really enjoyed learning about how the brain functions, how the breath works and feeling how this lowers my stress levels.

Jenny, Senior Carer

I’ve had a number of the staff involved comment on how great it (the workshop) was and how they are using the techniques.

Ian, Managing Director, Homeinstead Senior Care

Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi



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